Current USG Initiatives

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Mike Tomicich

Printer Maintenance

Attempting to get any currently malfunctioning printers working, as well as create a plan to make sure they consistently work in the future

Matt Schumacher/Emily Silfes

Resource List

Working with various organtizations around campus to try and get a definitive list of what things Fordham supplies to its students. This can apply to academic help, mental health resources, practically anything. The goal is to get a list and put it up on Orgsync or the Fordham website, preferably with links or instruction pertaining to each one.

Emily Silfes


Putting on an event in October to celebrate LGBTQ History Month and National Coming Out Day!

Domenic Setaro


Improve the means of gathering feedback by what students define as the three most difficult to work with organizations on campus: Dining, ResLife, and OSI. 

Nicholas Abbazio

Fordham Food Run

This semester I would like to make it a much bigger event. This would entail contacting all clubs on campus and having them publicize and join in. I am also trying to figure out the logisitcs of either a dorm competition or something where a prize is involved for how much food is donated.

Carlos Rico

Campus Connect

Meeting with IT to develop an app for more awareness about events on campus. Can be stratified towards various interests and involvements.

Tyler Raciti

Acknowledgement, Inclusion, & Retention of Fordham’s LGBTQ+ Community

These initiatives include — but are not limited to — a plaque celebrating the forgotten LGBTQ+ activities over the course of 100 years, a USG-backed acknowledgment of our LGBTQ+ history, etc.

David D’Onofrio

Walsh Library Marketplace

Working with Walsh Library Staff to effectively invite Aramark to implement a dining option similar to Ram Express in Keating Basement in the Library

Liam Leahy

Reform Alcohol Amnesty Policy

I am working to rewrite the existing alcohol amnesty policy in order to clarify university policy. This new policy would replace the seemingly contradictory policies currently in the CARE manual and online.

“The Talk” with Father Lito (with Emma Budd)

In line with a similar event held by CSM in fall of 2018, we will be hosting a discussion-based talk with Father Lito concerning issues that have to do with sexual misconduct, sexuality, and the church. We are looking to hold this as a free-standing event, outside of Week of Action.

Arianna Chen

Gender Pronoun Policy

Collaborating with DAC to establish the gender-pronoun clause (that allows students to freely express their gender identity) as an official rule in each academic department (and hopefully eventually, the Office of the Provost). Also, I hope to distribute adequate training — an explanation/demonstration of how pronouns work, etc. — to each department.

C-ing CCEL

Promote visibility of service/direct engagement opportunities on the Fordham CCEL website and under the my.Fordham page “volunteer opprtunities”

Matthew Heutel

More Sanitary Stations in Academic Buildings

I am going to petition the school to place more hand sanitizing stations across the academic building as a means of promoting better health for all students.

Dining Hours Extension

A fellow student and I seek to extend the Caf’s hours of operations

Baba Juice Student Discount

I will help Baba Juice extend its presence on campus by facilitating a deal that will help both students and the food establishment.

Luke Morgan

The Newsletter

I designed a headline-focused USG newsletter to expand the student body’s knowledge about Student Government and the initiatives we work on. This newsletter has the unique ability to be sent to the emails of the entire student body — this will no doubt emphasize the importance of USG and the work of the elected body.

Walsh Bulletin

Dedicated to reforming student oureach on campus, two proposed LED bulletin boards outside the Walsh and Metro North Gates would work wonders towards ensuring that many off-campus students and commuters (who often use Walsh Gate) will have easy access to speakers, on-campus events, ect.

Maya Bentovim

Gabelli Freshman Programming

Gabelli programming directed specifically towards freshmen so that they feel connected to the business world. These programs could include having excursions and a major fair in Hughes Hall.

Off-Campus Meals

Off-campus meals offered in on-campus locations

Jonathan Eng

Fordham Thrift

Create an online (Instagram) Fordham thrift store for students to either sell or donate clothes to resell to the Fordham Community 

Phillip Krehbiel

On behalf of the Caf

Little improvements in dining, such as ice cream cones, trays, and spoons in the Caf

Possibly changing utensil dispensary for santiation purposes

Alex Chavez

Whats Going On at LC?

Right now students get emails about What’s Going On? But this is only about the Rose Hill campus. The goal of this initiative is to add a section about Licoln Center events to the weekly updates.

Earlier D-Train Shuttle

Currently the off-campus shuttles run from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am from Fordham’s Bathgate entrance to the D train. The purpose of this initiative is to make the shuttles that take students from campus to the D train start earlier.

Reserved Class Spots

Registration opens at 7:00 am and many commuters are on their way to school around that time

With this initiative, there could be a selected amount of seats in the 10:00 am to 4:00 pm classes reserved for commuters

Mary Katherine Smyth

Engaging with the Bronx

Considering the vast diversity of the Bronx, I think it would be beneficial to find ways to encourage students to get involved in the community, specifically in non-service related ways. I would like to work towards partnering with local organizations to advertise events going on in the community to Fordham students.

Emma Budd 

CPR Day Marketing

FUEMS is looking to do a “Fordham Celebrity” marketing campaign to increase attendance at and awareness of CPR day this year.

Fresh Check Day

Fresh Check Day is a collaboration between the Health Center, CPS, USG, and FUEMS to open up the conversation of mental health on campus. The event consists of multiple booths and activities for students to participate in, learn about resources, and show their support. It will be taking place in March of 2020.

On Your Mind + CPS

Eddie Cush and Will Ierlan (GSB ’20) have been developing an app called On Your Mind that allows users to live chat with counselors about anything, anytime. They’ve been working closely with Dr. Ng on this initiative, and are looking for help from USG with implementation and marketing.