Starting a Club

Information outlining the process for starting a club at Fordham

Important Links & Information

If you have any questions throughout the process, please feel free to contact the United Student Government Vice President of Operations at

Before You Apply

The following must be completed and submitted to complete your OrgSync application.

Club Constitution

Your prospective club’s governing constitution. You can find a link to a Club Constitution Template recommended by the United student Government Operations Committee here.

Club Officers

The contact information (name, school, position, and email) of at least three prospective club leaders.

Faculty Adviser

Verify the name and contact information of a Fordham faculty member or administrator who agrees to serve as your club’s faculty adviser.

Member List

Supply information (name, school, email) of at least 15 Fordham students who are interested in being a part of your new club. You can find a template here.

After Your Submission...

All submissions are reviewed by the Operations Committee on a first come, first serve basis. Please be aware that this process may take several months to complete.

1.  After Submission

Once an application is submitted, an Operations Committee point person will be assigned to you.  They will review your application and supporting documents and will suggest any necessary edits. This point person will support you throughout the process, so it is imperative that you remain in close contact with them. We recommend being in touch with them weekly for any updates or action items.

2.  Committee Review

Once the Operations Committee point person is comfortable with your entire application and supporting documents, they will present it to the entire United Student Government Operations Committee. Committee members may suggest additional edits or direct the application to other campus organizations or departments who can better facilitate its mission. The committee will then consider voting to approve the prospective club.

3.  Vice President of Operations

Upon approval, the Vice President of Operations will discuss the prospective club within the Office for Student Involvement. Once any necessary edits have been made, the application will be forwarded to the Dean of Students for review.

4.  Dean of Students

The Dean of Students will then review your application and supporting documents. Upon receiving email notification of the Dean’s approval, the Vice President of Operations will then place the prospective club on the agenda for the following United Student Government senate meeting.

5.  United Student Government

The Vice President of Operations will invite members of the prospective club to the next United Student Government meeting, where they will present the mission of their club and answer questions from the USG Senate and Executive Board. USG will then vote to either approve, deny, or table the creation of the club.